Day Patient Rehabilitation Services

The Day Patient Rehabilitation Department at the Harvey and Gloria Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran is one of the leading rehabilitation departments in the country and the oldest center in southern Israel.

The Day Patient Rehabilitation department is geared to ambulatory patients in need of intense, time-determinate multifaceted therapy.

Therapeutic treatments are designed for individuals suffering from post-stroke loss of ability and independent functioning, spinal cord damage, multi-system injury following traffic or work accidents, damage to the central or peripheral nervous system due to disease or injury, complex chronic pain syndrome, orthopedic complications and more.

Following a preliminary doctor-patient situation assessment, the rehabilitation physician confers with our multi-disciplinary staff to construct a therapeutic work plan that is individually adapted to patient needs, personal situation and level of function. Patient progress is monitored with periodic professional conferences throughout the rehabilitation process. Changes and adaptations to the original program are instituted as needed, and a goal is set for conclusion of therapy.  

Department Services

The Day Patient Rehabilitative Department operates through a multi-disciplinary rehabilitative approach, providing each patient with a series of professional treatments as per individual need:

  • Rehabilitation physician – Diagnosis and monitoring of the rehabilitation process, administration of the overall therapeutic program, treatment of complex medical issues (pain, spasticity and more) and stabilization of pre-existing medical conditions that affect rehabilitation.
  • Physiotherapist – Improvement of mobility and endurance, span of movement and coordination.
  • Occupational Therapy – Acquiring and improving necessary motor and cognitive skills necessary for daily and independent functioning.
  • Communication Therapy – Treatment of speech disorders and improvement of swallowing mechanism.
  • Rehabilitative Psychology – Treatment, diagnosis, support and counselling for patients and their families to facilitate acceptance of a new reality and encourage the revitalization process. 
  • Social Work – Accompaniment, support, guidance and direction including assistance in dealings with community services.
  • Rehabilitative Gym – Exercise using a diverse selection of advanced technological equipment guided by a professional staff.
  • Hydrotherapy – Treatment of various pathologies and development of a muscle system that will support a healthy and strong body and reduce the burden of body weight. 
  • Therapy groups / Therapy space – Treatment geared to improving functioning and overall contentment.

The Day Patient Department includes the highest-level professionals and experts in their individual fields. As a leader in national and international technological innovation, we offer the best equipment, instruments and knowledge available. Simultaneously, we strive to provide our patients and their families with courteous, dedicated and personal service, attending to them and guiding them through all stages of their stay with us. 

The Day Patient Department operates Sunday – Thursday, from 08:00 – 16:00 and serves as a way-station between full hospitalization and continued rehabilitative treatment within the community.

A standard day of treatment consists of three daily therapy sessions, provided by our expert staff and caregivers. The daily treatment can take between 4-5 hours and may include waiting time between sessions.

Successful treatment is dependent upon personal responsibility and full compliance during the period of treatment.