Hydrotherapy Center

Situated within the grounds of the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village, the Hydrotherapy Center established itself as a household name for residents of southern Israel who have benefited from its services for many years, enjoying professional staff, excellent facilities and top-quality treatments. Prior to the opening of the Rehabilitative Medical Center, the Hydrotherapy Center provided 155,000 annual treatments to village residents, special education school students, and hundreds of patients of all ages from surrounding communities. Medical referrals for treatment include patients with a wide range of ailments or injuries.

The opening of the new Rehabilitative Medical Center enabled us to grow Hydrotherapy Center activity, accept many new patients and expand the dedicated caregiving team employed at the center. The Hydrotherapy Pool constitutes an important aspect of the personal rehabilitation program developed for each person hospitalized in the orthopedic or neurological rehabilitation ward and day patient department.

Hydrotherapy Center Continuing Care

The hydrotherapy team works hand-in-hand with rehabilitation physicians, nursing staff and other health professions therapists including communication therapists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and social workers. Therapies provided at the center are part of the comprehensive rehabilitation program personally adapted for each patient based on an integrated, multi-disciplinary analysis of their medical condition, rehabilitation prognosis and estimated length of hospitalization.

Many post-hospitalization patients continue hydrotherapy treatments at the Hydrotherapy Center, happy to see familiar faces and continue care in keeping with the therapy plan originally adapted to their needs. We also encourage sports activity consistent with each patient’s physical ability, including swimming, exercise in the center’s gym and participating in activities in the center’s Sports Complex.

Integration and Tikkun Olam

In keeping with the Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World) vision that defines the ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran rehabilitation village, the Hydrotherapy Center maintains secure, integrative surroundings. Private therapy sessions take place during the day, filling the pool area with a diverse cross-section of people undergoing treatment for a wide range of injuries and disabilities.  We view the hydrotherapy pool as an environment that enhances each patient’s individual progress while enabling them to see and accept “the other” – people different from themselves – in shared surroundings.

We are honored that our Hydrotherapy Center is a leading establishment in southern Israel, one that draws hydrotherapy specialists from numerous centers of higher education who choose our center for their training and internship. We are proud to do our part to lay the foundations for a future generation of caregivers, providing them with prospects for professional and occupational advancement in surroundings imbued with a unique mission.

Our mission is to provide every patient with maximum tools and opportunities to integrate into the community and return to the most active and meaningful life possible.