Occupational Therapy

Therapists in the Occupational Therapy Department provide occupational therapy treatments to individuals in all divisions of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran: orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation patients, day patients, outpatients, village residents and special education school students, as well as people from surrounding areas, all of whom benefit from a talented and experienced team of therapists  working with advanced equipment to achieve utmost results.

Over the years, our professional occupational team has gained boundless experience dealing with diverse injuries and impairments that target people of all ages and include all kinds of medical conditions. Treatment takes place in collaboration with other branches of our health-professions and medical services. Patients make use of the latest technologies in new and pleasant, fully equipped therapy rooms.

Occupational therapists assess patients’ functional abilities and lead them step-by-step to maximum independence in day-to-day activities (bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, shopping, cooking, etc.). Occupational therapy treatments include assessment and treatment of cognitive ability (comprehension, understanding, listening, awareness, memory, organizational ability and more) and upper limb sensory-motor treatment (including guidance for family members and caregivers, fitting casts and pressure bandages, fine motor ability and more). Sight assessment and sight functional exercises are provided when necessary, as are occupational skill-related exercises when required.

Continued Post-Hospitalization Treatment

Patients discharged from full hospitalization and transferred to day patient rehabilitation services continue treatment in the occupational therapy department, happy to see familiar faces and continue a program consistent with the originally scheduled therapy plan adapted to their specific needs. Additionally, we prepare an organized plan of do-it-yourself home exercises to maintain progress and rehabilitation continuity once the patient has rejoined their community. We attach great importance to acquiring necessary tools and adopting habits that will assist the patient in their return to the community lifecycle equipped with the abilities and self-confidence that will facilitate a life consistent with their medical condition.

Occupational therapists at the Rehabilitation Medical Center enjoy the opportunity to stand in the forefront of innovation and development in their chosen profession thanks to the pioneering research taking place at the center. Likewise, we are proud to have been selected among all other institutes of higher education in Israel as the single institute worthy of providing occupational therapy students with practical experience in the field of rehabilitation. In so doing, we serve our part in laying the foundations for a future generation of therapists who will help ease the nationwide distress in this challenging and understaffed field, providing them with prospects for professional advancement and employment in surroundings imbued with a unique mission.

Our mission is to provide every patient with maximum tools and opportunities to integrate into the community and return to the most active and meaningful life possible.