Physiotherapy Department

Therapists in the Physiotherapy Department provide physiotherapy treatments to individuals in all divisions of ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran: orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation patients, outpatient service clients, village residents and special education school students, as well as people from surrounding areas, all of whom benefit from a talented and experienced team of therapists working with advanced equipment to achieve maximum results.

Over the years, our professional physiotherapy team has gained boundless experience dealing with diverse injuries and impairments that target people of all ages and include numerous medical conditions. The opening of the Rehabilitation Medical Center brought an increase in physiotherapy activity and further broadened the areas of expertise and number of people treated.

Physiotherapy treatments constitute a central component of the rehabilitation program built for every patient hospitalized at the Rehabilitation Medical Center. Treatment plans are based on an integrated, multi-disciplinary analysis of each patient’s medical condition, rehabilitation prognosis and estimated period of hospitalization, with every effort made to adapt length of treatment to patient ability. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals regularly monitors patient progress, exchanges information and revises rehabilitation plans as needed.

Specializations and Diverse Therapy Programs

Medical Center patients receive individual treatment in our modern physiotherapy rooms as part of their adapted rehabilitation program. Our exceptionally qualified staff participates in training and specialization courses in diverse areas of professional concentration such as neurological rehabilitation, pelvic floor, vestibular rehabilitation, amputee rehabilitation, prostheses fitting, etc. We diagnose and treat a wide range of motor functions such as walking, going up and down steps, balance, fitting and adapting mobility accessories and more.

Physiotherapy treatments are largely individual sessions, yet we also incorporate additional forms of treatment – group therapy, sports activity in our accessible gym, hydrotherapy and self-exercise tasks. Additionally, our physiotherapy specialists provide internal training to other department staff, ensuring that all hospital employees are integral partners in patients’ daily functioning progress.

Individually Adapted Sports Activity

We encourage all patients, in-hospital, day patient and outpatient, to take part in individually adapted sports activity in our sports hall, gym and hydrotherapy pool. Physical activity plays an important role in rehabilitation, providing patients with feelings of competence and self-worth. Our physiotherapy team accompanies patients taking part in sports activity outside of clinic hours, helping them with necessary adaptations and guidance, each in accordance with their needs.

During hospitalization and as discharge approaches, physiotherapy teams advise patients regarding the choice of personal physiotherapy equipment. Patients are encouraged to try accessories for comfort and usability and, validated by professional guidance, reach the accurate choices that provide long-term benefit. As part of the continuing post-hospitalization rehabilitation plan, many patients return to the Medical Center’s treatment rooms, happy to see familiar faces and continue treatment that is consistent with therapy plan originally adapted to their needs.

The pioneering research taking place under the auspices of the Rehabilitation Medical Center and the collaborations forged with centers involved in paralympic sports enable our team to be at the forefront of physiotherapy innovation and development. We take pride in our ability to draw physiotherapy specialists from important institutes of higher education who seek internships and training periods at the Negev Rehabilitation Medical Center, thereby doing our part to lay the foundation for a future generation of therapists who will help ease the nationwide distress in this challenging and understaffed field.

Our mission is to provide every patient with maximum tools and opportunities to integrate back into the community and return to the most active and meaningful life possible.