Neurological Rehabilitation

The 36-bed Neurological Rehabilitation Ward is staffed by expert neurological rehabilitation physicians together with a specially trained nursing and health-professions team, all of whom have extensive experience in the field of neurological rehabilitation.

Patients are admitted to the Neurological Rehabilitation Ward upon discharge from hospitalization following stroke, traumatic head injury, spinal-cord injury and other related medical issues. Partial or total limb paralysis, speech and/or comprehension impairments, vision impairments, cognitive impediments and emotional challenges directly related to injury or triggered by resultant post-injury medical conditions are but some of the issues treated in the Neurological Rehabilitation Ward.  Our self-imposed mission to empower each patient to attain maximum independence within their community relative to injury, medical situation and age constitutes the foundation for our emphasis on a comprehensive holistic approach to rehabilitation within a hospital setting.

Clinical teams at the Rehabilitation Medical Center maintain close ties with numerous research entities, working together in the close cooperation consistent with the Center’s guiding vision to forge a top-rated, contemporary and innovative treatment environment which will stand at the forefront of global rehabilitation medicine. The Neurological Rehabilitation Ward will include advanced equipment in hospital rooms to enable hospitalized patients self-practice on augmented reality screens.

Admission to the Rehabilitation Ward

Upon admission to the Neurological Ward, the patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation to determine length of rehabilitation and precise therapies – physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, communication therapy and more – which will be periodically re-adapted to changing needs as the patient progresses through the rehabilitation process. Based on this assessment, we design an initial personal, detailed therapy plan outlining the treatment routine to be followed during hospitalization for each patient.  All treatments are provided by a team of expert health-professions specialists with extensive experience in neurological rehabilitation. Treatments take place in therapy rooms located in close proximity to the hospital rooms.

We endeavor to maintain a steady sequence of treatments and keep the patient in a supportive and encouraging hospital environment as long as their condition continues its progressive pattern of advancement. We strongly believe that a hospital environment is the best and most efficient means to achieve the progress that leads the patient to the highest level of independence, each according to their specific situation.

Neurological rehabilitation is, for the most part, a lengthy, demanding and multi-faceted process that addresses physical, cognitive and emotional issues. For this reason, we are committed to creating supportive, encouraging surroundings for each patient. Aware of the importance of family in this process, we ensure that relatives are provided with the necessary attention and tools that contribute to maximal rehabilitation.

Department Services

Plans for the adapted, accessible Rehabilitation Medical Center included strategies to accommodate people with a wide range of disabilities. From the initial stages, strong emphasis was placed on cognitive and communication accessibility in order to guarantee a safe and secure environment for both patients and visitors. Orientation maps are posted throughout the building, and hospitalized patients receive printed diagrams to bolster orientation and mobility within the center during hospitalization.

The design and layout of the Neurological Rehabilitation Ward provide a supportive and tranquil environment for hospitalized patients. Every hospital room opens out to an area of lush shrubbery, part of the Medical Center garden. Patients are able to exit their rooms and benefit from the fresh Negev air and the village’s experiential garden surrounding the hospital complex.

Patients hospitalized in the Neurological Rehabilitation Ward are invited to make use of the Medical Center’s innovative Sports Complex as per their individual physical ability and medical situation. Trainers are present in the complex and adaptable equipment is available for people interested in working out. In keeping with our self-defined goal to help every individual return to an active, meaningful life to the greatest possible degree, we encourage those undergoing rehabilitative treatment to utilize the sports complex and take part in physical activity while hospitalized.  

The Neurological Rehabilitation Ward was constructed to serve as the Medical Center’s protected area during times of emergency. This forward planning enables us to maintain regular therapy sessions during emergency situations and eliminates the need to transfer patients from one area to another or move them into bomb shelters. The protected area can adequately accommodate up to 72 hospital beds, allowing our patients respectful space and physical comfort as they continue their therapy routine.

Return to Community

Preparation for discharge begins immediately upon hospitalization. We assist and guide each patient in the selection of modifications necessary to facilitate a smooth return to community for continued rehabilitation – at home, in the workplace and in daily functioning. Our communication therapists provide each patient with tools, counseling and alternative communication systems that will help them maintain an optimal communication routine at home and with daily conduct within the community. Additionally, we assist patients prior to discharge, helping them establish a meaningful and value-filled routine and planning an active program which includes tools to ease re-integration into society and the open job market, in keeping with each person’s post-hospitalization reality. 

As part of the patient’s return to community for continued rehabilitation, we employ a system of “first-class service” for interaction with the National Insurance Agency and procurement of patient’s rights. Medical Center social workers help patients fill out and file on-line forms, eliminating unnecessary and exhausting trips to National Insurance offices and easing the burden on family.

Consistent with the personal rehabilitation strategy assigned to each patient, patients may be referred to the Medical Center’s Day Patient Rehabilitation Department following discharge from the hospital. Admittance to the Day Patient Department enables the patient to return to and live in their accustomed, supportive community setting while continuing the familiar therapeutic routine begun at the Medical Center.

Patients discharged from the Medical Center for full return to community receive a personal, detailed plan for stringent continuation of therapy sessions through the Center’s Outpatient Services Center. The community rehabilitation plan includes home exercises individually adapted to the patient’s needs with the aim of continuing positive progress and preventing regression from successful rehabilitation achieved during hospitalization.

Our mission is to provide every patient in the Neurological Rehabilitation Ward with maximum tools to facilitate return to the most active and meaningful life possible.