ACoRD Project

ACoRD - ADI-NEGEV Corpus of Rehabilitation Data


The ACoRD Project operates under the auspices of the Lillian and David E. Feldman Research Center for Rehabilitation Sciences at ADI Negev-Nahalat Eran. As the Kaylie Rehabilitation Medical Center continues to develop, we seek to establish a high-quality clinical rehabilitation database incorporating the highest standards of documentation and maintenance.

The goal of the project is to produce a quality database of standard data, meticulously organized, secure, accessible and easy to analyze, update and expand. Establishment of an information infrastructure will attract quality research, leverage the relative advantages of rehabilitation medicine and research in Israel and throughout the world, increase joint cooperative efforts between academic research institutes and between such institutes and healthcare systems, and support the development of technological paramedical equipment.


Dr. Nir Goren – PhD Neuroscience

Hila Ron Alfar – Industrial and Management Engineer

Project stages for 2024 include:

Mapping clinical data presently collected through the Chameleon System for content management as well as future data. Examination of the changes necessary for adaptation to the future database.
Examination of existing medical rehabilitation databases in research institutes and rehabilitation centers/departments.
Examination of relevant research literature.
Examination of infrastructures and IT resources necessary for the development and maintenance of the database.

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